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Spiritual Deepening Program Seeks eLearning Course Facilitator

FGC’s Spiritual Deepening Program invites newcomers, individual Friends, and meetings to explore how Quaker spiritual practice can transform lives and take us deeper into the life of the Spirit.  The goal of this program is to bring the full depth, joy, and fire of Quaker faith and practice to our daily lives, to our meetings, and to those who come to our meeting as seekers.

The Spiritual Deepening Program offers varied content and a structure through which small groups of Friends can go deep together.  The program serves those who are new to the Quaker Way by presenting resources important to the personal and communal spiritual journey.  It serves Friends who are no longer new by providing additional depth and encouragement to continue their travel on the Quaker journey.

In addition to activities and exercises for in-persons groups, the same Spiritual Deepening content and small group experience will be available in an online, elearning format for newcomers, isolated and geographically-separated Friends, and Friends whose meetings are not participating in the Spiritual Deepening program.

The elearning course facilitator will be responsible for coordinating and supporting one online group of 10-20 participants over an 8-week session.  The course content has already been developed.  The majority of the interactions with participants will take place within online discussion boards and email, although the group may choose to schedule one video conference call in order to build community. The course facilitator is encouraged to be an active participant in the group conversations and to set two offline “Sabbath” days per week.

The first elearning session will run from October 24-December 16, 2016.


  • Build community and engage with participants through the online discussion forum by asking questions and participating in discussions.
  • Encourage participation; Support an open, nonjudgmental, and curious environment.
  • Model openness, vulnerability, and curiosity; Encourage listening and sharing.
  • Address technological issues as needed (login, use of platform).
  • Communicate program logistics as needed and encourage participants to complete program evaluations and spiritual inventories.
  • Serve as liaison between participants and FGC staff and committees for sharing feedback, suggestions, and experiences; Evaluate opportunities for improving program materials.
  • Coordinate at least one virtual “hangout” through Skype or other video conferencing, as desired by participants.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Deep grounding in Quaker faith and practice
  • Communicates effectively; Strong written and verbal skills
  • Familiarity with elearning platforms and online group facilitation
  • Ability to share the Quaker Way with newcomers and Friends at various places in their spiritual journeys; Able to “translate” Quaker concepts and jargon to newcomers
  • Access to a computer and internet
  • Computer literate and have patience to help participants who are new to web-based learning

Terms and Stipend:

The elearning courses will run for 8 weeks, beginning in fall 2016, with a stipend of $250 per course.

The Spiritual Deepening elearning program will be offered on an ongoing basis and more facilitators will be called upon as the program grows and new sections are added.  FGC will be contracting with at least one facilitator in fall 2016 and is also collecting the names of individuals who are interested in stepping into this role as the program grows. 

To be considered for this role and/or to express interest in future elearning facilitation opportunities, please submit a resume and cover letter to Rachel Ernst Stahlhut, [email protected], by October 1, 2016.