Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends


Staff and volunteers at FGC are deeply concerned about faithful and responsible stewardship of the resources that make the work of FGC possible. Our stewardship efforts have four components:


FGC uses Quaker worship and practices to define and guide the work of the organization. See the governance section.

Fiscal Responsibility

FGC allocates and uses funds in alignment with Quaker values and principles. We budget carefully. We take simplicity seriously. We rely heavily on the work of volunteers.


We are concerned that FGC provide high value for meetings, Friends and those exploring the Quaker way. Committees set clear strategic goals. Our services and materials reflect our communities response to God’s will as discerned in worship. We measure our outcomes and constantly seek to improve our performance.


We are open. We make our use of financial resources and our results available publicly. We encourage feedback and dialogue on how we use resources and on our performance.


The last three annual reports are attached below.

FGC is a 501c3 tax exempt religious organization.