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"Walk cheerfully over the world, answering that of God in everyone." -George Fox

News & Announcements

Friends Peace Teams' PeaceQuest, Saturday, 21 April

Hello Friends,

Adult Ed Feb. 23
Adult Education committee welcomes everyone to participate in planning second-hour presentations for 2nd and 4th First Days through June. On February 23 our usual open committee meeting is set for second hour. What’s scheduled through April 12 follows:
March 8 peace testimony, Laurel Brown

We will hold our Meeting for Healing on Monday, Feb. 17, at 7PM

The last two times have been pretty profound with many asking for 'hands on' as well as Light and prayers.
You are all welcome to attend.
If you have requests but cannot be there, please email jan.

Feb. 9:  We will continue our discussion on SAYMA, structure and finances this Sunday.Please come and participate.  The Meeting's leadings, opinions, decisions are needed by Kit, as our rep.

Feb. 23:  Called Adult Ed committee meeting to discuss schedule for remainer of March-June.  This is an open committee.  Please come to help determine what you would like to see happen, and how to facilitate.

We will have a threshing meeting on issues concerning SAYMA.

Kit needs the views of the Meeting prior to attending the rep meeting on March 14.

Here is what we are considering.:


January 12:  Adult Ed will continue looking at the testimonies - This second hour is on Integrity - led by Sam Singer-Swafford