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Please share your thoughts about the DFM Renovation Plans

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Ten years ago, we built a new Meetinghouse and completed what we could with what resources the Spirit brought forth at the time.  Since then, the unfinished ground floor has been increasingly been used for the Quail Youth Program, various DFM committee meetings, and storage.  

Six months ago, the Facilities Use & Planning Committee was tasked with beginning the design process that would make the ground floor safe and comfortable for our current use. 

A list of features associated with the renovation and draft floorplans were presented at the fifth month Business Meeting and can be seen at the following link (will open in a new tab):

Renovation Plans

Please feel free to take a look at the plans and post your comments in this discussion thread.


-David Bridge



Wendy Michener - wkm4peace's picture
Submitted by Wendy Michener ... on

I like the upstairs plan, it is a great improvement on the current plan.  Downstairs, the long hallway under the worship room - what is its purpose?  Is there really any activity that would be happening in the large meeting / multi room that would profoundly interfere with the office space or the resident?  Giving up so much space for "privacy" (the only reason I can think of) seems like too high a price for very little return.  If you throw the hall into the multi-purpose room, all you need is a pair of doors just past the bathroom door.  The worship room is protected from First Day noise, the closets could be a bit fatter and I'd go to the trouble of moving that one window more into the multi-purpose room.

Similarly, the small kitchen seems placed badly and the hallways a poor use of space.  Imagine Room 1 as a "living room" open to the front door and the classroom hallway with the kitchen in the SE corner.  It would have walls behind it, to mark the hallway running east/west from the outside door to the multi-purpose room and north/south from the classrooms to the multi-purpose.  This would also tend to create a kitchen alcove.  A closet could be part of the alcove.  The space could still be used for a classroom and would be a more inviting library space and entry space also.

Wendy Michener

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