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Quaker House Listening Circle at Durham Friends Meeting 4/17/2016

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Quaker House Listening Circle

Durham Friends Meeting

  April 17 at Rise of Meeting


Quaker House* Co-Directors Lynn and Steve Newsom will be ending their five year commitment at the end of 2017. We will be looking forward to the opportunity to set the agenda for the next few years as we begin a search for a new director. For this purpose Quaker House staff and board members are conducting “listening circles” at all of our member meetings. The listening circle for Durham Friends Meeting will be at rise of meeting on Sunday, April 17.


Please plan to join us!


We will provide an update on Quaker House’s current work and answer any questions you might have.


We have prepared some questions for discussion at the forum, and are looking forward to hearing from Durham Friends on these and other topics:


  • What have been Quaker House’s greatest successes?

  • What are the distinguishing characteristics of Quaker House and which of those do you think should be maintained in the future?

  • In what ways has Quaker House helped your meeting, either with its testimony of peace or in other ways?

  • In what other ways could Quaker House better help your Meeting?

  • What goals should Quaker House set now and for the future?


Quaker House is currently supporting the GI Rights Hotline, sponsoring domestic violence counseling in Fayetteville for military families, giving workshops on moral injury and alternatives to violence, and providing educational workshops for youth on registering for the draft and conscientious objection.


Bill O’Connor

Deborah Wallace

Quaker House Board


Please visit the Quaker House web page at:


Quaker House on Facebook:


And the GI Rights Hotline:


*Quaker House is a manifestation of the Friends' Peace Testimony.  Based in Fayetteville, NC, home of Ft. Bragg, Quaker House provides counseling and support to service members who are questioning their role in the military; educates them, their families, and the public about military issues; and advocates for a more peaceful world.



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