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Gender Inclusivity Minute

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[MMM Welcoming / Inclusivity Minute initially approved at Meeting for Worship for Business 2015 April revised and approved at Meeting for Worship for Business on June 19, 2016]

Multnomah Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, a Quaker Meeting, is an open and affirming faith community. We welcome all who come as religious seekers to share in worship and fully participate in the activities of our common life.

Multnomah Monthly Meeting understands that the Divine Source is leading the Meeting to honor the gender identity and expression of each person, as determined by that person. We affirm that gender expression and identity may be fluid and changeable. We recognize that when we embrace the Light within the full spectrum of gender identities in our Meeting, our worship deepens and our community is enriched.

As part of our evolving struggle to live our testimony of equality, Multnomah Monthly Meeting minutes our commitment to becoming an affirming, safe, and nurturing place for everyone to live fully that which the Spirit is leading them to be. We extend our loving care to people of all genders, including transgender, genderqueer, cisgender, gender non-conforming and intersex persons, their families and friends.

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