Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends


Worship Opportunities at the 2022 Gathering

May way open as we worship together at the Gathering. Opening and closing worship for the community book-end our week.  Opportunities to celebrate, mourn, sing, center, heal, and pray will be listed in the Daily Bulletin, along with queries for reflection. The Silent Center will offer an oasis for quiet, personal worship, and each workshop will include worship or worship sharing. Groups like FLGBTQC, People of Color Center, and Nontheist Friends will host worship or worship sharing opportunities during the week. As you prepare for the Gathering, consider how you might connect with Spirit within, broaden your concept of worship, and remain open to new ways of knowing the Divine, in this time of radical change.

All Gathering Welcome and Opening Worship

Sunday, July 3, evening 

Join the Gathering community in welcome and waiting worship as we prepare to embark on a week of experimentation, spiritual exploration, and fellowship.

Bible Half Hour

Check back in winter 2022 for more information about the 2022 Bible Half Hour leader.