Friends General Conference

Nurturing faith and Quaker practice

Welcome to the 2017 Gathering!

Dear Friends,
As water collects from the vast North American Great Lakes watershed to flow down the mighty Niagara River, we invite you to join the energy of a thousand Quakers converging from far and wide at Niagara University for a week of worship, socializing, learning, deepening, fun and more.  Our proximity to Niagara Falls (4 miles | 6 km ) offers numerous sightseeing options as well as the opportunity to reflect on whether your spiritual journey has you in the rapids above the falls, in the midst of great change, downriver from a significant transition or somewhere else on the river.  Our theme, Ripples Start Where Spirit Moves, invites you contemplate where spirit is moving in your life and those around you and what ripples you notice as a result.

From Katrina’s organic farming and Steve’s organic gardening we know that monocultural systems are vulnerable to disease, drought and generally require manufactured inputs to maintain. We recognize a similarity with human systems and communities. A variety of views and perspectives makes the community stronger. At the 2016 Gathering calls of monoculturalism humbled us. Spirit moved and called us into greater faithfulness toward both a multicultural community and sometimes bold actions. The 2017 Gathering Committee, comprised mainly of Friends from Canadian Yearly Meeting and New York Yearly Meeting, created cross-border community in our work preparing for this week.  Join us to experience Spirit rippling through the movement of The Gathering!

Steve Mohlke
New York Yearly Meeting
Katrina McQuail
Canadian Yearly Meeting