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QuakerGifts is the Fair Trade online store of QuakerBooks, a part of Friends General Conference a store serving Quakers, Quaker meetings, and interested individuals. We carry fair trade gifts that help Friends and others support communities around the world.

We are committed to meeting all the principles of fair trade. The core of fair trade is that the artisan is the center of our mission, decisions we make are always driven by the best interests of the artisans. We work with artisans as partners trying to involve artisan partners in decisions that effect them. We work cooperatively to set prices and ensure that the price the artisans set is enough to enable them to develop a sustainable future that improves their lives. We always offer an advance to finance orders and pay balances immediately on completion. We work cooperatively to resolve any quality of production issues and never use our buying power in a way that disadvantages producers. has partnered with Global Crafts, a long standing member of the Fair Trade Federation, to provide you with Fair Trade Gifts.