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Here you will find news items of interest about FGC. We will also feature news items from other Quaker Organizations in the United States and Canada at their request.

FGC is pleased to announce that for a limited time, Friends can watch Valarie Kaur's inspiring presentation from the 2020 FGC Virtual Gathering!

FGC News | July 20th 2020

The importance of this Gathering for Friends of Color worshipping in community together cannot be overstated. To our Friends in the wider Quaker world, we the Friends of Color, can’t breathe. During this weekend, we enjoyed the rare opportunity of not being othered In Quaker space. We experienced the joy of being seen as we are and the affirmation of a supportive spirit among ourselves in the “Amen corner”. The term “Amen corner” comes from the Black church and is a communal space that validates, affirms and uplifts the spirit. In isolation, due to COVID19, we are being kept apart and away from those we love, trust and need. The pre-gathering retreat brought back the source of community and family that has been missing.

| July 3rd 2020

The 2020 FGC Virtual Gathering begins today, and we're inviting participants to update their profile pictures and share their selfies with us!

FGC News | June 28th 2020

Many Friends, wishing to see that of God affirmed in all people, have already committed themselves to dismantling systemic racism within the Religious Society of Friends and beyond. If you have not done so, we prayerfully ask that you join us in the urgent commitment.

| June 3rd 2020

For the 2020 Virtual Gathering, fees will be Pay as Led. Pay as Led means that you will be discerning what amount you are led to pay to attend the Virtual Gathering. Pay as Led is a way of acknowledging that wealth is not distributed evenly among Quakers. Since we’re not having an in-person Gathering this year, the online Gathering seems like a unique opportunity to experiment with letting Friends determine their own price.

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FGC News | June 1st 2020

As more towns and municipalities began gradually reopening local businesses and resuming services to the public, many Friends meetings are beginning to consider the possibility of reopening and holding in-person Meeting for Worship. To guide Friends' discernment, FGC has created Advices & Queries for Possibly Reopening Your Meeting House or Church.

FGC News | May 29th 2020

Each month, FGC distributes digital newsletters to share updates and information about FGC, QuakerBooks, and the FGC Gathering. Below is the introductory text and links to our May 2020 newsletters for friends.

Featured: Vital Friends, Book Musings, and updates about the FGC Gathering

| May 20th 2020

Each month, FGC distributes up to three monthly digital newsletters to share updates and information about FGC, QuakerBooks, and the FGC Gathering. Below is the introductory text and links to our April 2020 newsletters for friends.

FGC News | April 30th 2020

Conflict is part of the human existence, but ignoring or actively avoiding it causes harm that can have long-term consequences for everyone impacted by it. Below are resources online and in print that can help your Quaker community effectively respond to internal and external conflicts as they arise.

| April 29th 2020