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Here you will find news items of interest about FGC. We will also feature news items from other Quaker Organizations in the United States and Canada at their request.

Over the last several weeks, Australian Friends have received many expressions of concern from Friends around the world, in response to the recent bushfires and the devastation they have caused (are continue to cause). Presiding Clerk Ann Zubrick has sent this letter on behalf of Australian Friends to Friends everywhere, in response to these messages.

| January 22nd 2020

Gathering Profiles is a series about Friends we’ve met at the FGC Gathering. The Gathering team will publish a new profile each month as we get closer to FGC Gathering 2020.

| January 14th 2020

We've heard from many Friends that they first came to the annual FGC Gathering because they were invited by someone they knew in their Quaker community. This year, we want to help encourage more invitations to this year's week of worship, workshops, and community for all ages through the new FGC Gathering 2020 Toolkit.

| January 13th 2020

In the special January/February 2020 double issue of Vital Friends, we examine how Quaker spirituality nurtures activism. We also have news about workshops at the 2020 Gathering, an anti-racism update about intersectionality, and more opportunities for faith & fellowship in 2020!

FGC News | January 3rd 2020

Intersectionality is a framework for conceptualizing people’s overlapping identities and experiences in order to understand the complexity of the prejudices they face. This theoretical framework, originally coined as a legal term by law professor Kimberlé Crenshaw, hoped to make space in our courts for discrimination against Black women to be recognized when it could not fit neatly into sexist discrimination or racist discrimination.

FGC’s Institutional Assessment Implementation Committee is approaching our work with a commitment to pay attention to the implication of intersectionality.

| December 19th 2019

In the December 2019 issue of Vital Friends, we're sharing a special preview of the 2020 FGC Gathering with you, plus an update from the October Central Committee sessions, holiday gifts for children from QuakerBooks, a reflection from Regina Renee Ward about how her understanding of Quaker community has been shaped by the Gathering, an interview with Barry Crossno and J. Brent Bill about their new pamphlet about vocal ministry, and more!

This month's issue of Book Musings features a rich selection of literature to carry Friends through the winter months, with titles from J. Brent Bill, Barbara Luetke, and Friends Journal's reviewed books for the month.

The FGC Gathering Update for December highlights the workshops that are happening at the 2020 Gathering.

| December 13th 2019

Faith in our Future: Aurelio Anderson

| December 12th 2019

Gathering Through Three Generations: Marijke van Roojen and her family

| December 12th 2019

Between October 24th and 27th, 2019 members of FGC's Central Committee met to share reports of our organization's accomplishments over the past 12 months, to approve the 2020 budget, and to discern our work together in the coming year.

FGC News | December 9th 2019

On June 28th, 2020, FGC Gathering 2020: Way Will Open begins at Radford University in Radford, VA. The Gathering team and Gathering 2020 committee members have been hard at work organizing the evening plenary program and reviewing workshop proposals, and we are excited to reveal the fruits of their efforts here!

| December 8th 2019