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Retreats for Adults

 “I have long loved spaces that are quiet and apart . . .” So begins Fran Taber’s Pendle Hill pamphlet on personal retreats, Come Aside and Rest Awhile (see note 1, bottom of article). I sank into the living room sofa and relaxed into the cushions as Fran described her awareness of how important it is to have time for “retirement,” away from the stimulation of everyday life. But before I finished the first page, my ten-year-old daughter called me from the kitchen, needing help with her project on Olympic figure skating champion, Sarah Hughes.

Biblical Scholarship, Jesus, and Religious Education

What should Friends in the unprogrammed tradition teach about the Bible? About Jesus? I often hear these questions asked. Certainly, we should teach the classic narratives and poetry and the discursive passages which have spoken powerfully to people in every generation for thousands of years. The really big question, I believe, is not what to teach, but how. Friends have long said we should read scripture in that Light in which it was written. I believe this means reading prayerfully with deep honesty, integrity, and compassion, and with vulnerable humility.

Nurturing Women

Grass Valley Monthly Meeting in Northern California has been led to create a spiritually nurturing support group titled “Women in Transition as a Result of Aging. ”“Aging” means anyone who is getting older! The goals of the group are to hold one another as we share our joys, fears, and sorrows related to the changes in our lives which bring us to transitions. We are loosely organized using a rotating planning committee to plan our 9 AM to 3 PM Saturday sessions once every other month.


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