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Friendly Business

Friendly Business

Friends have a unique way of doing business rooted in attentiveness and in listening to the promptings of the Spirit.
"Whenever we remember that we are in the presence of God, transformation is possible.  Every task, no matter how mundane, becomes an act of worship, a word of praise offered to God. This is the basis for Quaker business practice.  We call it 'meeting for worship with attention to business' because it is grounded in an awareness of God's presence.

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Wider Quaker Contacts

Quakers are involved in a wide range of activities (stewardship of the earth, peace-making, publishing, and much more).  The links below will take you to organizations that your new worship group or meeting might like to learn more about -- or get involved with.  
And in case it isn't obvious, Friends General Conference really wants to be there for you.  So be sure and check out the various resources offered throughout our site.

Quaker Meetings Toolbox - Outreach and Publicity

Outreach and publicity are about sharing our spiritual search and insights with those who want to listen. For Quakers, outreach and publicity are not about converting people, but rather about helping them understand what we value, do, and how we seek to support each other in living out our faith. Our role is to encourage, resource and help build the confidence of Quakers in our corporate responsibility of speaking about our faith and the way we work and worship together.  Below are tools that will help your worship group or meeting do the vital work of outreach and publicity.


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