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Resources for Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups

Resources to Support Each Other on Our Spiritual Journeys

Informal Forms of Support for Faithfulness

Intentionally supporting one another on our spiritual journeys is a valuable Quaker practice. The following are some informal forms of support that Friends can initiate to help them be faithful and accountable in a community with others.

Spiritual friendships are formed when two people commit to supporting each other. Often they will meet together to pray for each other and to share their experiences, doubts, challenges and joys as their spiritual lives unfold.

Clearness Committees - What They Are and What They Do

The following resources explain what a clearness committee is, who uses them and what happens when you are appointed to one.

What is a clearness committee?

A clearness committee is a group of Friends appointed to help a member of the meeting find clarity around a leading.

Who can have a clearness committee?

Anyone can request a clearness committee from the meeting that he or she attends.
To read about the process of requesting a clearness committee, download the file: Steps in the clearness process

Intergenerational Community - the 12 How-To's

This resource provides leaflets to give advice to meetings wishing to build intergenerational community.

These leaflets are easy to use literature that you can print and distribute at any meeting location. These leaflets are taken from the Build It! Toolkit, a resource available from Quaker books of FGC. They are designed to give some key suggestions for nurturing a healthy and diverse meeting community of all ages.

An Explanation of Letters of Introduction, Travel Minutes, and Endorsements


The following resources explain some of the forms of communication written on behalf of a traveling Friend, and written communication from the meeting he or she is visiting.

Letters of Introduction

A “letter of introduction” is a communication signed by the clerk of a monthly meeting that identifies the person who is traveling as a Friend or regular attender in good standing.

Silent Worship and Quaker Values

If you have never before attended an unprogrammed Friends (Quaker) meeting for worship, your first meeting may surprise you.

While all Quakers meet in worship to hear more clearly God's "still small voice" (1 Kings 19:12), Friends in the unprogrammed Quaker tradition base our worship entirely on expectant waiting. We take the Psalmist's advice literally: "Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10).

Basics for Newcomers

The following paragraphs are slightly adapted from FGC's set of newcomer cards for visitors to Quaker meetings.

You are Welcome Here!

We come together in worship 

  • To listen to God 
  • To know and be known by God 
  • To grow in our faith
  • To be changed
  • To support each other, and
  • To help one another do what God asks us to do

Our time together looks like


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