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QuakerBooks of Friends General Conference carries a number of children’s story Bibles. None of them pretend to be Bibles, per se. Rather, they are severely edited retellings in language appropriate for children. They are quite different, and appropriate for different age levels. In this article I will comment on seven children’s Bibles and provide selections from each so that you can gain a sense of their style, age appropriateness, and approach. We will look at how the different authors treat some of the same passages, such as the creation story in Genesis.

No matter what children’s Bible is used, when you explore the creation story with children please take care not to equate darkness with negativity or evil. After all, according to the story God, who is good, dwelt in darkness (the fullness of darkness?) before creation. Whether you are a parent or a teacher, you might help the children under your care name some of the many benefits of both darkness and light, each equally a gift of God.

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