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Getting Started

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Meeting Resource

Starting A New Quaker Worship Group Or Meeting 

This resource was created as part of FGC's New Meetings Project. Please note that the New Meetings Project has been laid down and is no longer offering direct mentoring and one-on-one support to new meetings.
Quaker worship groups and meetings are dynamic faith communities. It is wonderful that you are considering starting a worship group or meeting!  Below are some tools that will help you in this spiritual endeavor. 

Quaker Worship Group Or Meeting 

A Quaker worship group or meeting is composed of two or more people who come together for prayer and worship. Quaker worship generally consists entirely -- or having an extended period of -- what friends call unprogrammed worship. This is where folks gather in in expectant, waiting silence and listen openly to God, the Light, the Seed, the Inward Teacher, the Living Christ.
Women, men, and children are equally able to give vocal ministry as they feel led by the Spirit in a quaker meeting or worship group.  The meeting for worship may be entirely unprogrammed or may be "semi-programmed" in which there might be a reading, a brief presentation, communal singing, or a planned message.
A Quaker worship group or meeting exists in relationship to other Quaker meetings and is structured within the practices and framework of the religious society of friends. It does not function in isolation.