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Grow Our Meetings Toolkit - Outreach

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In the process of preparing for outreach, meetings often experience deep spiritual sharing and take steps toward being more welcoming and inclusive of newcomers.

Outreach is a component of meeting growth.  Seekers want to know about the relevance of the Quaker way in their lives today.  Outreach is bigger than advertising, publicity, and hosting public events, although these things are important and powerful.  Effective outreach is about learning to speak about the Quaker way and our own experiences as Quakers, as well as living as “patterns and examples” in our daily lives in the wider community.  In this way, folks in our communities can come to know that Quakers exist, Quakers do good work, Quaker process works, and Quaker spirituality offers a powerful gift for the world today.

Successful outreach is not about Quaker history or telling the whole Quaker story.  It’s about telling your Quaker story in your community, in a way that is open, invitational, and authentic.  Through outreach, we invite others to come through our doors and see if the Quaker spiritual path as we live it is right for them.

Sample Agenda: A 3-Hour Session on Discerning Next Steps for Outreach
Centering Worship 15 minutes
Introduce the Hallmarks of Speaking About the Quaker Way 10 minutes
Outreach Is... 30-45 minutes
Quaker? Maybe! 45-60 minutes
Worship Sharing: Discerning Next Steps 30 minutes

*The starred files below include facilitation guides for activities you can implement TODAY in your meeting.

 ► *Getting Started: Outreach Is...

 ► Doing Outreach Well (and having FUN with it)

 ► *Outreach Activity: Quaker? Maybe!

 ► The QuakerQuest Model of Outreach

 ► Getting the Word Out: Creative & Effective Outreach Publicity

 ► *Preparing for Outreach: Meetinghouse Walk-through Exercise

 ► Outreach Ideas from British Friends

 ► Example of Creative Outreach: The Meeting Yard Sale

 ► Developing a Social Media Presence