Friends General Conference

Together we nurture the spiritual vitality of Friends

Inreach/Outreach/Inclusion Travelers


The Friends listed here have traveled across the United States and Canada helping meetings through programs designed to assist meetings in becoming welcoming, deep, and warm.

·         Grow Our Spirits (Inreach) – strengthening the meeting community, sharing personal journeys, and becoming welcoming and vibrant

·         Growing Our Presence (Outreach) – becoming known in the local community through publicity and inviting seekers in

·         Growing our Quaker Community (Integrating Newcomers) – welcoming visitors and integrating newcomers into the life of our meetings

Maria Bradley Baltimore Yearly Meeting
Steve Chase New England Yearly Meeting
Summer Cushman North Pacific Yearly Meeting
Lola Georg Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
Michael Green North Carolina Yearly Meeting Conservative
Vanessa Julye Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
Amy Kietzman Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
Kristen Richardson New York Yearly Meeting
Rick Seifert North Pacific Yearly Meeting
Michael Wajda Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
Keira Wilson Baltimore Yearly Meeting