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Spiritual Deepening Library: Support for Facilitators

Photo by Grace Moses
Religious Education
A Spiritual Deepening facilitator leads the exercises and activities that create opportunities for connection, mutual understanding, and spiritual exploration.  The role of the small group leader is to coordinate the group's meetings, choose exercises from the Spiritual Deepening Library, and lead the small group sessions.  A meeting using Spiritual Deepening Library materials may have one, two, or more co-leaders.
Friends General Conference provides informational webinars and ongoing support to prepare faciliators to use the Spiritual Deepening materials and to lead effective and meaningful deepening experiences within their home meetings.  Facilitators are guided in using the program materials and supported in developing an invitational, curious, loving, and grounded spirit that promotes listening, openness, and sharing from the heart.

During webinars and office hours, facilitators are given resources about planning Spiritual Deepening sessions within the program's flexible structure, leading small groups, planning agendas, building spiritual community, supporting inclusivity, and working with children.  



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