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Spiritual Deepening Library: Using the Materials in Your Meeting

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Religious Education
In each Spiritual Deepening Library topic, you'll find a number of activities for adults and children to go deeper together, as well as intergenerational and all-ages exercises.  These materials offer your meeting an opportunity for members, attenders, and newcomers to build spiritual community as you explore Quaker thought and practices and deepen your spiritual journeys together.  The Library offers the content but leaves it up to you to decide how and when to use it.

There are many different ways to use materials from the Spiritual Deepening Library in your meeting:  

  • form small groups that commit to meeting together for a period of time
  • do activities together as a whole meeting, perhaps before or after Meeting for Worship
  • share Library activities with newcomers as part of a group learning about Quaker faith and practice
  • enrich your First Day School curriculum for children and young Friends
  • plan a meeting renewal or retreat one of one the Library topics
  • schedule regular Spiritual Deepening activities for Adult Religious Education opportunities
  • connect with others in your region or yearly meeting by doing activities over video conference calls


Be creative in choosing activities and setting a schedule that suits the needs of your community!

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In a small but meaningful way, this was the beginning of my growing more trusting of the others in the meeting.”

- Spiritual Deepening small group participant