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Welcoming Newcomers

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You Are Welcome Here!

Many aspects of a meeting's or worship group's life influence a newcomer's decision to become a regular attendee and active participant. They vitality of your meeting or worship group and the ways you inform newcomers about your faith affect their decisions whether to return or not, as do their feelings of welcome and acceptance.  Most important though is the quality of worship. Quakers offer a form of worship that is distinct from other faiths.

Besides meeting other like-hearted people, Quakers offer a winsome invitation to come and meeting god, to encounter the Divine.  This is an invitation to listen for God's words to their souls in company with others who have gathered expecting an encounter with the Divine. We gather in silence and listen opening to God, the Light, the Seed, the Inward Teacher, the Living Christ.  The divine encounter may come through spoke words, a song, a smile, or through the silence. Women, men, and children are equally able to give vocal ministry as they feel led in a Quaker meeting or worship group.

Meetings and worship groups can help first-time visitors and new attendees find meaning in the profoundly spiritual way we worship.

How Not to Welcome Newcomers!


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