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Yearly Meeting Work on Racism

Challenging Racism

Many of our Yearly Meetings are engaged in the work of challenging racism. This resource provides documents describing work around racism and diversity currently being undertaken by yearly meetings.

Click on a yearly meeting to view its work:

Alaska Friends Conference  

Baltimore Yearly Meeting

Working Group on Racism

Growing Diverse Leadership Committee 

Indian Affairs Committee 

Supporting Transformative Relationships in Diverse Environments (STRIDE) Working Group 

Declaration by BYM as an Anti-Racist Faith Community

Canadian Yearly Meeting

Truth and Reconciliation 

Indigenous Peoples’ Human Rights

Penal Abolition & Restorative Justice

Lake Erie Yearly Meeting 

        LEYM Peace & Justice resources

New England Yearly Meeting

Racial, Social and Economic Justice Committee 

2016 Minute on White Supremacy 

New York Yearly Meeting

Black Concerns Committee

European American Quakers Working to End Racism

Indian Affairs Committee 

Apology to Afro-Descendants 

Actions We Have Taken

Northern Yearly Meeting 

North Pacific Yearly Meeting 

        Meeting Minute on Reparations/HR40 

Pacific Yearly Meeting 

         PacYM Racial Justice Subcommittee

         Racial Justice Report to RepCom 2021

         2014 PacYM Racial Justice subcommittee report 

Philadelphia Yearly Meeting

Undoing Racism Group 

Indian Committee


Piedmont Friends Fellowship and Piedmont Friends Yearly Meeting 

South Central Yearly Meeting

Live Oaks Friends Meeting

         Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting and Association

Southeastern Yearly Meeting

Ministry on Racism