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You Are Welcome Here - A Booklet of Learnings from QuakerQuest


Friends General Conference (FGC) has shepherded QuakerQuest in the US and Canada since 2007. Over this time we’ve seen changes in the conversation about being welcoming and changes in the number of people in attendance at worship in participating meetings.

This booklet includes QuakerQuest learnings for your and your meeting’s use. These are of value whether or not you have participated in previous QuakerQuest activities.  Consider sharing these during committee meetings, using them in small group settings, and including them in your newsletter. Using one at a time will probably give the best opportunity for learning, sharing, changing — and having fun!

Below you'll also find a facilitation guide for a 90-minute interest group about the You Are Welcome Here! booklet, focused on discussing what it means to be welcoming, exploring the articles in the booklet, and sharing more good ideas and great practices that already work well in our meetings.

— Prepared by the FGC QuakerQuest staff, working group members, and Travel Team members, 2014

Resource Size/Length: 
16 pgs