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Invest with a Major Gift

Sarah Richardson (2003)


Your contribution to FGC can have a major impact on the Religious Society of Friends. Learn the variety of ways to make a major gift and read stories about the impact these gifts are having on nurturing Quakerism. 

What constitutes a major gift varies from donor to donor. FGC receives major gifts that range from $500 to $500,000. Explore which method of major giving might work well for you. 


Gifts of Cash

Cash gifts are always welcome and are tax deductible if you itemize deductions. While other methods should also be considered for making a major gift (see below), there are several easy ways of making cash gifts to FGC.

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Gifts of Stock or Mutual Fund Shares

Giving securities (“stock”) or mutual fund shares is easy and offers you excellent benefits for making a major gift. Donors may deduct the full market value of appreciated shares of stocks or mutual funds on the day they are transferred to FGC. You do not pay any capital gains tax.

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Multi-Year Pledges

Making a multi-year pledge enables you to consider a much larger gift to Friends General Conference. Payments may be stretched over a period of months or years and reminder notices will be sent at regular intervals as you specify. By spreading a gift over several years, you can make a significant investment in an FGC program or project that is especially meaningful to you. To make a pledge, email us at [email protected]. We will contact you and setup up the pledge and a payment schedule that meets your budget.

Creative Ways of Giving

We encourage and support your creative ways of giving. Some examples of creative giving include challenge gifts, lead trusts, and gifts of farm commodities. Creative giving allows you to provide support to FGC in ways that serve your goals and ours.

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Deferred Gifts

You can nurture the future of our Quaker faith by making a major gift through your estate. Gifts such as bequests in wills, charitable gift annuities, and various trusts enable you to make a tax-wise gift with lasting impact. Friends are often surprised to discover that they can give far more generously through their estates with planned giving than they could throughout their lifetime.

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Inviting a Conversation about an Investment in FGC’s Work

Please feel free to discuss your major gift ideas with Faith Josephs, FGC’s Associate Secretary for Development. FGC will be pleased to partner with you around ways to extend and revitalize the Religious Society of Friends. 

Contact Faith at

215-561-1700 x3004

or [email protected]