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Gifts of Stock and Mutual Fund Shares

How does a gift of stock benefit the donor?

If the value of your stock is greater than what you paid for it, and if you have owned those shares for more than a year, then a gift of securities offers added value for your contribution to FGC. You receive a charitable income tax deduction equal to the fair market value of the shares on the date it is gifted to FGC. For common stock this is typically the mean value on the date that FGC takes control of the shares you give. And you avoid paying taxes on the capital gains.

Gifts of stocks are deductible up to 30% of your adjusted gross income the year you make your gift. Any excess amount can be rolled over into the next tax year, for up to 5 additional tax years, if you need it.

To Transfer Stocks Electronically to FGC

In most cases the donor’s broker will want to transfer the stock to our account electronically.  Please provide the following information to your broker for making the transfer:

UBS Financial Services DTC 0221

Agent ID: 00221

For Further Credit: UBS Financial Services

For the Benefit of: Account  # JGA5438 Friends General Conference

They may also want the name and telephone number of our broker,

or in this case our bank representative:

Zachary Mazur

UBS Financial Services Inc.

1285 Avenue of the Americas, 15th Floor

New York, NY 10019

Direct: 212-713-9504

Toll Free: 877-874-0556

Fax: 877-804-3055

[email protected]


It is very important to let us know when and which stocks you will be transferring so that we can be on the lookout for them in our account.  We will then  be able to send you a prompt and accurate acknowledgement for your gift.  Please call the FGC Development Office (215-561-1700) or email Faith Josephs at [email protected] with the transfer information.

To Contribute Mutual Fund Shares

FGC will be pleased to receive your gift of mutual fund shares.  Please contact your mutual fund company to obtain the proper forms, and then contact us to work with you to make the arrangements.  As with gifts of stocks, your tax-deductible contribution will be calculated as the full value of each mutual fund share on the day it is contributed to FGC.

To Send Paper Stock Certificates to FGC

These instructions apply only if you are NOT transferring shares electronically.

  1. Identify the certificates you wish to donate.  Do not sign the back of the certificates. 
  2. Sign a stock power form for each separate certificate you plan to send.  Be sure to sign them exactly as your name appears on the certificate.  And, your signature needs to be medallion guaranteed by your bank.  You do not need to fill in any other part of the stock power forms.   We will fill the rest in for you.
  3. Write a brief letter stating your intention to contribute the stock to FGC as a gift.  Please list the stock name, the certificate number, and the number of shares of each certificate to be donated.  (sample letter, below)
  4. Put the stock power form and the letter together in a separate envelope from the one containing the stock certificates to reduce the risk of the certificates being stolen and cashed.   You may use regular first class mail for the stock power forms and letter.
  5. Send the stock certificates themselves in their own envelope by certified mail, return receipt requested

After we receive your letter and stock, we will acknowledge your gift for the full market value of the stock on the day it was gifted.  The gift date is determined by the postmark date of your letter informing us of the gift.

Sample Letter:

This is to inform you of my gift of the following stocks to Friends General Conference.  The certificates will be arriving under separate cover.

XYZ Company, Certificate number 1234567, 100 shares

ABC Company, Certificate number 987654, 20 shares

Enclosed is (are) my signed stock power form(s), one for each certificate sent.


Your Full Name and Address

Should you need assistance with this process, contact Faith Josephs, FGC’s Associate Secretary for Development. 

Contact Faith at

215-561-1700 x3004

or [email protected]