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Friends General Conference makes available resources for adults looking to support religious education. 

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This book group will explore the body-centered trauma of white supremacy and a path toward healing through a discussion of the book My Grandmother's Hands by Resmaa Menakem.

This Spiritual Deepening group combines discussion of When the Spirit Calls by Jay Marshall with workshop opportunities to think more deeply about how call and discernment may be present in one's own life.

The Silence & Light for Quaker Newcomers eRetreat invites you to explore and practice the experience of Quaker worship and silent waiting, for an inward encounter with Inner Teacher who leads, guides, and transforms us every day.  This session is offer

In the Bible, it is called the Kingdom of God, and sometimes the Kingdom of Heaven. In the Cotton Patch Gospel, Clarence Jordan calls it “The God Movement.” Mary Linda prefers “God’s World” and “kin-dom of God” while Mark favors the implied sovereignty of “Commonwealth of God.”

The Spiritual Deepening eRetreat Program uses the Matrix online learning platform to organize all of the content, links, resources, and online conversations that make an eRetreat so engaging.

This book discussion will explore the challenges of living a joyful life through a discussion of The Book of Joy, by the 14th Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

What Canst Thou Say: Spiritual Inquiry Grounded in Worship Sharing

The Building a Meaningful and Connected Life eRetreat invites you to explore and practice the spirituality of meaning-making, resiliency, renewal, and life transitions. Rather than focusing on death and dying, this eRetreat explores the spiritual gifts of aging across the lifespan. 

Do our meetings truly reflect all the faces of God among our members and attenders? FGC has heard from many of you that the answer to that question is often no.

The A Quaker Way of Living with Dying eRetreat invites you to explore and practice the spirituality of death.