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Queries of Madison Monthly Meeting

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1. Are meetings for worship and business held in expectant waiting for divine guidance? Do our meetings show that Friends come to them with hearts and minds prepared for worship? Do we attend Meeting regularly and punctually? Are visitors welcomed and encouraged to continue attendance?

2. Do we find time in our daily lives to seek communion with God? Do we regularly read the bible and other writings of spiritual value?

3. Are love and unity fostered among us at all times? Are all business gatherings held in a spirit of love and understanding? Are we careful to be guided by compassion rather than by a self-righteous attitude? if differences arise, do we try to settle them in a loving spirit, or do we ignore them merely to avoid possible conflict?

4. Does Meeting keep in touch with its members by telephone, home visits, or personal letters? Are we aware of the personal difficulties of our members such as sickness, family strife, loneliness, marital rift, death, and the sense of isolation that these can cause? Do we show our love by offering to listen and to help in these situations?

5. Do our children receive the loving care of the Meeting? Does the Meeting give them an understanding of the principles and practices of Friends? Do we offer our young people opportunities for service, for fellowship, and for religious instruction?

6. Do we keep to moderation and simplicity in our manner of living? Are we careful in choosing ways to use our time and income and energy? Can the presence of God be felt in our homes?

7. Do we adopt socially useful vocations? Do we maintain integrity in business and financial transactions? Do we seek divine guidance for the use of our time and our money? Do we avoid participation in all forms of gambling?

8. Do we fulfill our responsibilities to our government that are not contrary to the dictates of our consciences? Do we strive to secure and maintain civil and human rights for all? Do we work for the conservation and right use of natural resources?

9. Do we cultivate healthful habits of eating, drinking, and activity so that body, mind, and spirit may be free? Do we reject addictive pursuits and addictive substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and other dangerous drugs?

10. How do we, as individuals or as Meeting, interpret to others the message of Friends?

11. What is our Meeting doing in our community, and in the world at large, to study and improve the conditions under which men, women, and children live?

12. Do we maintain Friends’ testimony against war? Do we “live in the virtue of that life and power which takes away the occasion for war”? Do we exert our influence toward settling all differences by truly nonviolent methods? Do we foster a loving spirit toward all races, religions, and nations?


About Queries
This list of Queries was developed by Madison Meeting.  They are not intended as 'requirements' for members or attenders, but rather to be prayerfully considered to see if they apply to our beliefs and life.