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Poll Workers / Volunteers Urgently Needed

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North Columbus Friends Meeting offers the following resources to those interested in being and/or recruiting poll workers ahead of the election and on election day 2020. These resources are just a sampling of what's available in the community. 

Franklin County Board of Elections Ohio law requires that Democrats and Republicans have equal representation at each voting location. Registered unaffiliated voters can also work as a poll worker. The board will employ around 3,200 poll workers to staff Franklin County’s 346 Election Day voting locations.  

           To become a paid poll worker call (614) 525-5393 or visit: 


            Youth volunteers go to: 


Ohio Secretary of State -- sign up for and/or help recruit recruit others to be poll workers at

 Phone Banking to get people to work the polls in Ohio (state-wide):

Need volunteers ahead of election and on election day to serve as official poll workers, poll observers, staff a voter protection hotline, and/or recruit other volunteers. 

Information regarding the need for poll workers and recruitment efforts: