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Bloomington Friends Meeting is still having in person worship in addition to Zoom workship in a hybrid manner.

We ask that all attendees comply with the new health and safety guidelines approved January 9, 2022, which are subject to change as circumstances with the pandemic change.


Meetinghouse Health & Safety Guidelines as of 12/24/2021

Vaccination to the fullest extent for your situation is urged for all attending in person

Remain home if you do not feel well or if you show any signs of COVID infection

Sign in is required for the purpose of possible future contact tracing.


Bloomington Friends’ expansion of in-person meeting for worship:

Bloomington Friends hold as a high value meeting in person for worship, while taking seriously the need for protecting everyone’s health and safety.  What follows are our current guidelines for worship and fellowship at the meetinghouse.  We continue to explore technological solutions for satisfactory hybrid gatherings.


For first day meeting for worship, a guest book has been added to the participant list where newcomers and visitors may sign in.  Their information will then be added to our actual guest book kept at the meetinghouse.  

If you are new to our meeting and miss the announcement at the beginning of worship, please send a message to the "Guest Book" participate on Zoom and let us know you came!  We will also be excited to welcome you at the end of Meeting.


Bloomington Friends Meeting has established a procedure for a Friend to call a Zoom meeting for worship when they feel a need. 

This discussion arose after a question was raised about how a meeting for worship could have been called in response to the events in Washington, DC, on January 6. 

The procedure is as follows: 

  1. Bloomington Friends Meeting is suspending all meetinghouse activities until further notice.  We will try to keep everyone updated on Meeting activities, while trying to minimize email messages. With regard to Zoom messages below, in addition to computer access, smartphones can download a free app. A toll number will be provided for dial-in phones, but charges may apply.